Eh già... Restaurant


Our story

The attention to the choice of raw material, the high quality of all ingredients and the fresh fish consecrate the success of Eh…Già Restaurant in Genova.

Ample choice of fish, such as: John Dory, Tub gurnards, Morones and so many fishes of our sea; mussels and clams are home-grown and then the seasonal Transparent gobies and Moscardini del Tigullio.

We have many kinds of meats, from the fabulous Australian Black Angus tagliata, the best on market, to the fillet of tender beef.

You can always find first fruits such as: artichokes, asparagus, seasonal home-grown porcinis and white truffle of Langhe.

Restaurant and Pizzeria where you can taste different delicacies: first and second courses of meat and fish and tasty pizzas.

Quality of raw material, customer focus, freshly-prepared dishes and taste are the main characteristics which identify Eh Già…Restaurant.

Eh Già…Restaurant was born in 2013 because of the dream of Massimo and Cristina. After a twenty years’ period of work in the “Genoese Promenade”, they have found this location constituted by obsolete parts. Nobody has believed that this could become a reference point, now stable, for all Genoeses.

Massimo’s love and passion for cooking has been passed down by his parents, Vito and Elvira. In the early 60’s, with their business partners, the aunt and uncle Enrica and Franco, they managed the best American bars at the time until they arrived in the late 70’s in Corso Italia, where they successfully run firstly Sereno, then Garden and finally the Pizzeria Lido.

eh già genova
eh già genova
In 2000, Massimo manages the Caravella, historic place in Corso Italia, keeping it until 2013.
Besides 2013 was a year characterised by a strong economic crisis, Massimo and Cristina decided after all to open Eh Già…Restaurant, a multi-purpose place where you can eat all day, drink special cocktails and make a rich breakfast with always fresh focaccia and brioches.

Besides the management of Massimo and Cristina, their daughter Camilla has joined the staff. After she has finished her studies, she is becoming the fourth generation of business in the hospitality sector; with her we are able to join the third millennium with this new way to conceive hospitality, where the customers are on centre and everything goes around their needs.